Sunday, September 24, 2006

Forever in memory..

Certain incidents remain forever in memory. It might be pleasant or unpleasant. But it is important in life to enjoy every moment of "now" and to have a positive attitude towards it, as you never know whether this is one of those moments that might stay forever with you.
The most beautiful summer I have ever had, the Summer of 2006, will stay in my memory throughout my life. The beautiful land, the beautiful people, new friends, real work - all these make a green memory. I enjoyed every moment of my life there - be the long hard working hours or sight-seeing around or making new friends. Of course, there were troubles, there were problems but it is essential in life to see the positive aspects of life rather than brood over the pains. If you ask why, then - I had done my summer-internship at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore for a duration of two months. During that time, I stayed in NTU hostel, along with other students. The campus was very beautiful with vast lush green environment, baroque architecture, luxury cars around, wonderful climate etc. During my stay I never knew that this will turn out to be a green-one, I just thought that this is yet another phase in my life. But thinking back now, it feels great. I have a treasure of things related to my stay, kept safely. Whenever I see them, happiness springs up, a smile pops up.
Again there is one more phase I have had which is green - my stay at Anna University for a year before I got admission into IIT. When I think back now, I turn nostalgic. Living away from so many friends, it gives pain.
I am quite sure that this IIT-life (to be general college-life) will also turn out to be a chapter of this kind, a bigger one though. Thus I feel that it is important to have fun, rather than have a monotonous life!