Saturday, December 30, 2006

Google Ego Surf Hit

I have tried desperately to increase my Google Ego Surf Hit. But of no use. Guess the attempts wont' go futile but will be show off after somedays (months maybe).
If you are wondering what I am talking about, then search for you in Google. The number of results at the top that point to the actual 'you' denotes this jargon I said about. For me, unfortunately, its zero.
In order to increase it, you have to make sure that your webpage has been indexed by google. Google orders the results on the basis of many factors - relevance, page rank, how many links point to your site etc.
Steps to improve your Ego surf hit:
  1. Make sure your site will be indexed by Google. For that you need to submit your site here.
  2. There are also other advanced versions of site submission worth trying.
  3. See to it that your site has proper meta tags.
  4. Backlinks are important. Some other site must link to your site. This is the most difficult part. Googlebots crawl through the web. The bot goes to a page that has high importance (eg ie. a page with high pagerank and then goes to the links pointed by this page. Thus the bot builds a tree. Now, the bot indexes often changing content regularly and hence if your link comes in it, then you are done; your site will be indexed by Google. Else it will reamain orphan.
Having done 1,2 and 3, if you wait some time say 2 months, there is a chance that your site will be indexed by Google and will subsequently appear in the search results!