Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lost In Hong Kong

The iconic Star Ferry on one of its nine-minute voyages across the Victoria HarbourImage via WikipediaMarch 1st to March 6th of 2008 might very well be some of the most exciting days in my life, or rather in 'our' life. To put it straight, I, Sai Prashanth and Robin Anil went to Hong Kong for our Business Plan presentation. And Hong Kong was simply awesome.
It all started last year around March when I had an idea (great one, of course :P). But as such, I couldn't do anything about it. Then came Google Product Prodigy contest, in which I and Sai Prashanth submitted the idea. We got into the finals, but couldn't submit the product due to some inherent technical problems. Then came Trilogy - Pirates of the Corporate, which was a business plan contest. What was cool about it was that the winner will be funded $100,000 for a startup, and as seed money, that amount it too great for anybody to start off. For a comparison, many other venture capitals fund about say $10k as seed amount. But, $100k would mean a stake of 25% in the company. Even though it is a different fact that we were not selected as the winners on grounds of security concerns of the product, it was a nice experience overall. :)
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Somasundaram said...

security concerns?
Did you want to start a company which makes Nuclear weapons or what...!?