Monday, July 03, 2006

Cutting the Cake in the Air

Generally one gets Birthday gifts from friends and relatives and one doesn't present a gift himself. But for me, this birthday, I gave a gift to myself!
My birthday was on 10th of May. I had planned for the party in the night and the day was normal except for wishes from home. Except for Partha, Krishna and Kartik (who came to see me), my friends couldn't call me because I was away (some mails and Orkut did the job!).
Night came, Cake arrived, no candles. People surrounding me were strangers. I took the knife and said the song to myself in mind and cut the cake! That was the most delicious cake I have ever eaten.
Some days ago when I had to book tickets for my flight, I was free to choose between days around 10th but I chose 10th keeping in mind my birthday. Yes that was the gift I gave to myself and I had got the cake in the flight! Moreover that was my first flight. And it was the most memorable birthday I had..