Monday, July 03, 2006

Time to Thank..

Who in this world can live alone? I definitely think the answer is none. I got help from so many people that it seems that one single contribution from them, if not there, would have pulled me to the ground.
I sincerely thank the following here for making my Summer Internship become a reality and a success.
  1. Jayakanth and Siddharth Seth - the funda Gods who were backbones of the feat. Whenever I had a problem they came up with a solution.
  2. Chintan Thakkar - who again played a pivotal role throughout.
  3. Prof. Goutam Saha whose recommendation helped me obtain the internship.
  4. Thanatil Anish who helped me immensely during passport chaos
  5. Anurag Kumar who told me every bit of information he had about S'pore when I had got the offer.
  6. Kumara Ganesh - the jovial stud whose fundaes and books have helped me a lot.
  7. Lt. P K Kaul who took pain to fill up the form for appying in Tatkal though I didn't use it.
In addition to this many more are in the list..
Also I had a nice time during the two month stay especially due to :
  1. Joeku - the ever-helping localite of NTU who became a great friend in no less than seconds.
  2. Vani Viswanathan - her blogs were source of entertainment after long hours of work, and not to mention the lengthy chats I had :D
  3. Chaitanya - funda God, quick-add friend :)
  4. Romit Das, Vishnu - again localites there, friends forever
  5. Sai Prashanth - Kgpian. Went around along with him.
  6. Vinay - one helluva guy. I had fun with him throughout
  7. Harsh Gupta - my roomie
  8. Zhang Yi - the MEng student along with whom I worked.
All you guys I am very much thankful for having made the Summer of '06 as the best summer in my life!